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Successful interview: preparation...practice...presentation

  Interviewing for a new job can be a challenging - sometimes daunting - experience. However, with thorough preparation and practice, your presentation can be an impressive performance.

       One of the most important services offered by MRI/Sales Consultants of Auburn Hills is working closely with candidates in developing effective interviewing techniques. The following advice is gleaned from the experienced of hundreds of MRI account executives worldwide.
Preparation is Critical!

       The foundation for a successful interview is preparation - performing the necessary research to learn as much as possible to be sure the prospective job is a good fit for you - and, equally important, to impress the people with whom you'll interview. To begin, explore the business section of your local library and gather current information about the company and its management. You'll also want to review the

company's recent annual and quarterly reports. Leading up to the interview, read financial and other pertinent publications for up-to-date information. Follow the company's stock price if it's publicly traded.

       If your prospective employer has retail outlets in your area, visit them to get a front-line feel for the organization. For certain manufacturers, look for their products at retail stores and ask sales representatives about quality and sales volume.

       Contact persons who may do business with the target organization or, at one time, were employees. A key link in your network is your MRI account executive who will be extremely well-versed in the company's activities.

Practice DOES Make Perfect!

       One of the most overlooked elements of interviewing is practice. To look your best in front of interviewers, here are some pointers:
Honestly assess your employment background and develop explanations for any weak points.
Prepare a list of tough questions that may be asked. The develop answers to these questions. You may be asked about your reasons for wanting to leave your present job and what you liked most/least about your job. Many of these questions are aimed at finding out if you have the qualities being sought. For example, if you are asked what type of manager you are, be sure to support your answer with specific examples.
Practice responses alone and then with a trusted friend who isn't reticent to offer constructive criticism. An excellent sounding board is your MRI account executive.

Deliver a Memorable Presentation

       Having prepared and practiced, you're ready to present yourself to the interviewers. Your MRI account executive will provide an interview timetable, including names and titles of persons with whom you'll be talking.

       Your behavior should be friendly, yet businesslike. Listen closely and questions and be sure your responses are concise and relevant. Don't allow your responses to wander. If the answer to a question is complex, use examples to make your point. Show interest in the company and the interviewer by asking questions yourself, but do so without dominating the interview. As the interview moves to a close, express your appreciation and your interest in the opening.

       While the interview or interview may be over, there's more you should do. First, call your MRI account executive to review your interview and what steps should be taken next. Then write thank-you letters and continue to follow the company's business activities.

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